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Tattva Tours

Journeys For the Independent Traveler

Travels with style and a touch of humor

Just as no two people are alike, no travel product of OPG is created from the same tired formulas. 

These are trips for an individual, a couple, a family or a group of friends. You choose how and where you want to go. In the spirit of our logo- a canopied palanquin, borne aloft by attentive staff with a quirky touch of subtle whimsy-we believe that travel is an intensely personal experience. Our itineraries incorporate unique hotels, specialist guides, tailored reading lists, information on the best of local dining & shopping, and, if appropriate, introductions, to local hosts and private homes.  Clients have a chance to be intensely involved in designing the perfect trip.

Private Plane Itineraries

Form your own group and hire a private plane to take you places. Or take your own plane overseas. Private plane itineraries offer great flexibility both in terms of timing and the opportunity to visit places not on normal itineraries. We can hire a plane for you, and plan  and organize the trip.

 We are Travel Dreamers and Managers. We create and manage the process. Our Personal Guest’s constant attention to client preferences makes our travel product unique in the industry

We go to the ends of the Earth for our passengers, not to mention some incredible destinations.

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