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KERALA; The Many Splendoured Land

A stunning contrast is the lush green landscape of lagoon filled Kerala, a complex and culture molded by the ancient spice trade routes. You can enjoy its breathtaking beauty on land, on boat, by the sea and in the mountains, while you explore ancient churches, synagogues and temples, and feast on the most delicious seafood and cuisine.


Cochin  is one of those rare places here the twentieth century and ancient civilizations exist side by side.  This city was established as a port in 1341 A.D. and the Portuguese ruled over this green valley of silks and gems for a century (1538 A.D.).  Cochin truly came on the world map with the arrival of Vasco Da Gama. However, in 1662-63 A.D. the Dutch colonized Cochin.  In 1814 A.D. along came the British and took over Cochin yet again.  It's past is so rich that it has been called a museum city, with a history of Portuguese, Dutch, British and Jewish trading settlements and one of the oldest synagogues in India.

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