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Tattva Tours

Travel is our passion for people and places.

Today the world is in your bedroom, or at least on your laptop, and you don’t have to leave home for  it. Not surprisingly more and more people are leaving their homes and their shores to become modern day explorers albeit with less risk and different rewards.

Our Personal Guest likes to think of travelers as our guests, experiencing the nuances of a country as locals do, but along with modern comforts. Towards that end we continue our addictive quest for that special spot, unique hotel, perfect meal, and much more. 

In the end it is the experiences that continue to seduce our “guests” and us.



Travel with style and a touch of humor.


Our Personal Guest offers a unique concept of pampered service and elegant style that has to be experienced to be believed; from the initial personal consultation, through the detailed preparation, to the superbly designed final travel information and documentation, OPG's constant attention to client preferences makes our travel product unique in the industry.


In the spirit of our logo - a canopied palanquin, borne aloft by attentive staff with a quirky touch of subtle whimsy, we believe that travel is an intensely personal experience.  Just as no two people are alike, no travel product of OPG is created from the same tired formulas.


Our clients get in-depth consultations whether in person or by telephone and fax.  They have a chance to be intensely involved in designing the perfect trip exactly suited to their dreams.  Expert guidance and advice are offered to help edit and decide between a world of choices.  We will literally try to organize almost any kind of travel experience our clients have set their hearts on.


Detailed behind the scene preparation are undertaken to ensure a hassle-free journey.  Efficient service backs all stages of planning.  By the time our clients leave for their trip they have such superb, thorough documentation that they feel they are literally being hand- carried.  Our Personal Guest is a couture operation in a mass-market world.






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